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Default Re: Anna Hayes: Earth history

Ms Hayes claims to talk about the biggest of big pictures. In a way she puts herself above all the divine beings in all universes of whatever sort. That can maybe make it extremely hard to pin down all the points at which I suggest she is flat-out wrong. But it seems to me I’ve never come across an author before with “information” that I know to be always false at every tiny point where I claim I do just happen to know the truth or the facts.

For instance, she apparently believes that a blue ray can be destructive. Here we’re talking about blue energy that’s not physical blue light, but in a higher density than third. Anybody familiar with blue rays in detail from their own actual experience will know that such a ray is anything but destructive, to put it mildly. Indeed, such a ray invariably begins to appear within and connect with an individual person’s fourth-density and fifth-density bodies more and more the more that person evolves spiritually.

Another of many examples I could give is her account of higher dimensions. As far as I can understand, she claims that the way you get from, say, three dimensions to four is by finding a direction (of rotation) that’s orthogonal (perpendicular) to all the three-dimensional directions (i.e., to height, breadth and width). Although this is mathematically correct, such a world with four dimensions isn’t what most people on this site mean when they refer to “fourth density”. In fact, I have very clear memories of a past lifetime (or a past lifetime-imprint) in a physical, third-density world where there were at least six dimensions instead of three as in ours. But it was still very much third density. The first time I recalled parts of that lifetime, I kept replaying pictures of the “motor” vehicles everybody seemed to travel in. I kept replaying them because with my habit of looking at a third density physical world in three-dimensional terms, it seemed to me that whenever I saw that I or somebody else entered one of these vehicles, they would proceed to get flattened. Flattened to the point of becoming infinitely thin, and crushed to death, it momentarily seemed to me. But on arrival at their destination, a person would simply “un-flatten” as they climbed out of their vehicle. So, it seems clear to me that Ms Hayes’ concept of a “twelfth density world” is what I would call a third-density world that just happens to have twelve mathematical dimensions of physical space where ours has three. Not the same thing at all.

I’m amazed and horrified to think that so many people, apparently, just blindly believe that what Ms Hayes is true, or that it has some major connection to reality. One part of liberation involves becoming able to readily admit it when you just don’t know whether something is true – and not forming any opinion at all about it that's based on inadequate “information”.
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