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Default Re: A Red Hummingbird

The awareness represented by the hummingbird is the realm of archetypes and the sacred. It is the ability to perceive the mythic in the mundane. For example, your physical presence

1 is sitting in front of your computer right now as your mind

2 interprets the symbols on the screen into words, phrases, and concepts; but, who’s reading, who’s observing through the mind and the body? Like a hummingbird darting from flower to flower, our soul—indwelling consciousness—is experiencing this, it draws the nectar of meaning that connects to your life and ultimately that connects you the reader. with the author across time and space.

So, what happens when we shift our awareness to the perspective of the hummingbird? If we look at our lives from the perspective of being the soul within, our journey changes from the worries of the cycle of life, to experiencing an adventure. Life changes from cycling through the same old worries, to discovering what each day offers. Clearly, it takes a little practice to let go of the control we “think” we have in our lives and learn to know that everything has a purpose on our great adventure, so we attract the inner hummingbird into the garden of our everyday awareness.

We starve our inner hummingbird when we stay in our head, in our thoughts, and playing the same old record in our heads. If the tiny bird analyzed its stature, it would determine that it could never fly with such small wings, nor could it store enough energy in its minute body to make a transatlantic flight. It doesn’t question, it moves towards its destiny. Hummingbird consciousness attracts the big picture; it gives the inspiration that changes lives ,knowing that the mind and body are tools it will use ,to accomplish the task. When we realize the magnitude of the possibilities we embody, we need not look so cautiously before we leap. We just need to take off, knowing that our soul will find the route and provide everything that is required even if we don’t know exactly what we are doing. A well-fed inner hummingbird will surely guide the way.

Calls from hummingbird are easy to overlook at first. The mind will tell you that it isn’t real, your body will tell you, “you can’t pull it off.” Nevertheless, callings are persistent. If you don’t listen the first time, they get louder. If you never listen, they turn into a nagging “could have been.” If you’re daydreaming , it will zip right up in front of your eyes, and flash you awake. Prepare to take the fight of the hummingbird.

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