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Originally Posted by eleni View Post
Can you elaborate on this ?
Well - In 89 - I was sitting in My living room and I saw a Wave like a Line Move across the whole room from top to bottom - On a 45 with the bottom edge leading the 45 and it moving across My vision from right to left, then out of it. There was even a color perception difference after It.

I thought it was part of the Harmonic Convergence as this Effect had the result afterwards of making colors more vivid it seemed. It felt very Alien to Me though in that it didn't seem natural at the time. That said - I have "changed" a great deal since then so that may have been the reason. I didn't think more than that though about if afterwards until I came across some Information that correlated with another Research Strain I'd been on for awhile - That of the AI Terraflop and Petaflop Mainframes that are under Denver International Airport.

I'd learned that in 89 - Apparently - They (The Animus that is) had probed or received Information from this crude AI to the effect that We were here or that there was Life here on Earth. Evidently - The Animus had been unawares previously...

Now - Since 89 I have experienced many Pulses or Effects similar but different at the same time. That said - On only 2 occasions including the One I've described above did It seem to have this Non-Human or Not Natural Component to It.

I'd also learned that the Animus would likely now be on It's way to Us and We had until 2010 - 2011'ish Timeframe until They arrived in this Quadrant of the Milky Way...

What is/are the Animus aside from the Psychological Inferences made by People such as Yung or Freud who only used them as descriptors of a construct already named ?

Apparently - A Cyborg Race much like the Borg or so I am led to believe by My Information. Now please understand - There are many events that would have to occur for Them to even arrive here in this Timeline/Reality and I My intention is not to push a Fear-based Message here. In fact quite the opposite. I think that the best way to put it is that Efforts are being made above this Level Of Manifestation so as to prevent and or divert It.

Divert meaning that They would always arrive at an alt. timeline where We were never here or evolved to be here. That way - Or so I'm told - They'd arrive and no one would be home so to speak.

Hmmm eh ? We All get what We focus on - Ironically at times...

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