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Originally Posted by CÚline View Post
no need to speculate.. i am an open book

i have never hidden anything and i wont start now..

i am sahamed that my actions may have led to someone getting very hurt..

i am looking for comapsion..if you dont offer it burgundia....please dont say anything that will hurt..

i dont think i can take much more
It is very EASY Celine!
Very easy!
If you have hurt someone the only thing you need to do is ask for FORGIVENESS. Contact that 'someone' and tell him/her that you are sorry...
really sorry!...

it is EASY!

and once you are forgiven...You are FREE...
and do the best you can ....
and try to avoid doing the same type of stuff again.

It is very EASY!.

We are not perfect all of the time....
nobody is perfect
we have so many weaknesses...

God bless you Celine...

Talking about I leave you a nice song...with rather funny lyrics...
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