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Default Re: Evidence of Afterlife

Originally Posted by Erin View Post

Let me also share with you that before I knew anything about anything on topics of spirituality presented on this forum, I experienced what people would call phenomena surrounding the death of beings close to me--contact if you will in the form of a telepathic message or the presence of an orb within my proximity.
I started to see orbs after my dear Mom died in my arms from Alzheimers. Later I was able to film what I was seeing. Her spirit is with me and she still communicates with me.

I've had several NDE's. Once at 14 when I drowned in the ocean and I felt like I could breathe under the water and it felt so natural.

I've also had many OBE's.
Once I was in a situation when a man with a gun pointed it at me and I saw him pull the trigger and suddenly I was floating on top of my body looking at the scene. I felt so peaceful. Then I suddenly went back into my body.

Yes, you never really die. That's why many of us who have experienced these thingss are not afraid of death.
We know that we are eternal energy beings.

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