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Default Re: Welcome to Future Talk

YES!! I have had unusual experiences on/off since i was age 16...somethings have been so 'outlandish and surreal' that i have questioned my sanity a few times lol !!

the past 2 years i kept being woken startled from my sleep to VERY LOUD ringing! sometimes it would manifest as my doorbell..othertimes a phone..or sometimes just a ringgggggggg.....i always investigated and never was anything in this reality...and i would then pace around wide awake wondering what was going on with me! lol after a while i got used to it and then intuitively felt it was someone/something trying to get my attention from another it is fine..i sleep soundly now!

I have experienced a clear 'voice' in my head at different stages in life instructing me on has always proved right! infact, it was the same voice that startled me one evening 18 months ago...saying i MUST STOP..GET UP FROM SOFA. NOW!...SWITCH OFF TV AND RESTART MY RESEARCH INTO UFO'S...( i had walked away from it all when my child was born) was very insistent...and OMG... everything in my world changed!

Another interesting thing....the past 2 days simultaniously, my TV suddenly stopped working, Mobile phone has just become dysfunctional....and my computer has been problematic!!! Hmm, iis that coincidence??
The past week I've been aware of tingling pins n needles type sensations up and down my arms..its very odd and bit disconcerting..heyho!!

Without doubt, i believe i am being guided to be doing EXACTLY what i am doing ..and am in the right place... am in so much gratitude!!! !

thanks everyone for sharing!


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