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Default Re: Welcome to Future Talk

My life was also very strange. Being an adopted child my parents did not understand. I have memories from way back, as a baby of strange lights and a little troll. I could see auras and had out of body experiences that scared me a lot. It was like I was energy traveling down a grid very fast, with a prickly feeling, I could taste color and smell sound.
I was a very different child and my parents brushed it all off as dreams and imagination. When my mother was dieing, her last wish was for me to find my biological mother... so I did a few months after she died. I found out I come from a family with occult and military background, with a history of the paranormal, UFO sightings and abductions. The past 12 years have been on a wild rollercoaster ride. My experiences as a child were very negative and demonic. I also had sleep paralysis aside for the other stuff going on.
Lately, after much work trying to raise my vibrational level, my experiences have come more in dreams and have been positive, accept for the flood dreams. My boyfriend isn't much into this at all, but we had a shared dream a
few months back of a UFO sighting. Our dreams begin the same, but we go off in different directions (2nd time for this sort of thing). In his dream he went onto the street and was shown a bunch of T.V. sets, each one showing a different section of the black UFO in the sky with a reporter explaining the functions. In my dream, I ran down th street tring to get away but suddenly realized trying to out run it would be futile. So I stoped and turned around.
Three or four tall human looking beings stood there. They telepathically told me not to be afraid or feel silly, disclosure is almost here and the world would soon know... I wouldn't have to feel crazy anymore.
So I think we are on the verge of something big.
I am trying to keep positive!!!
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