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Default Re: Miracle Mineral Supplement.

My MMS Experience

"Statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. "

~ you are responsible for all your health choices (who else could be?) ~

~ your mind and spirit are equipped to diagnose and decide how you will treat, thyself ~

ok friends,

here is my on the ground, first hand, genuine experiences, with MMS ...

do you 'believe' in miracles?




i am feeling ~ fantastic ~ after feeling like total abused and used chop liver the past three days

normally i have radiant health, with minor pesky nuances to deal with

i, seemingly, picked up a most assiduous bug last week, with all symptoms of one of those fun flu gigs that set us back a few weeks and challenge our passions and drives (low energy, body aches, swollen glands, head congestion, lung pressure, yada, Yada, YADA!)

after two days of failures with subtle remedies, intuition / synchronicity engaged and i ran across an e-mail i sent many moons ago, to another, elucidating past experiences, with MMS / Miracle Mineral Supplement ...

after three doses of 6 drops of "clo2" and 30 drops of citric acid, each 6-8 hours, i feel, most human, again, with exceptional energy and minor vague lingering 'symptoms', where just yesterday i was unable to stay awake longer than a few hours at a time, or, ~ focus ~

i encourage all whom want a sharp tool in their bag, to research and form independent conclusions ... whilst, i wanna share, my recovered, radiant, bliss ~
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