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Default Re: A possible secret to free unlimited energy?

I think we might be at an impass with this one. So in this video he also releases the exact circuity in it's entirely, so that another person can go home, and replicate the exact invention he did? Just not the process. If that was the case would the Arabs not just buy the video instead of offer to buy him out for one billion? Then what was he selling?

My understanding is that he is using frequency resonance, I was not suggesting he was doing electrolosis, but I don't think any of those designs have a UV light. I also did not know about the concept of a LED fracturing the bonds, and I wonder why no one is researching that either. Too bad that video was no you google or youtube, I would love to see it.

As for the replications on youtube, they are mostly based on the guy I mentioned who reverse engineered the patents, and then put out his info.
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