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As above so below, as within so without. Our experience here is like a thermostat; life is on a temperature of variances of understanding, and the degrees reflect our level of experience within that degrees frequency of understanding. The vacillations of life reflect a duality/polarity from one end of a horizontal spectrum to the other at that degree, and each new degree has a whole new set of duality/polarity to confuse us even more, or to finally set us free in understanding once and for all. As if one side of the thermostat is from 32 to 98.6 degrees ‘Fahrenheit’ and the other side is from 0 to 66.6 degrees ‘Celsius’ and moving up. “Your getting warmer” as if hell was frozen over and you are finally becoming enlightened in the hours- Horus House of the Rising Sun- Osiris.

When ‘darkness’ fills a void it is only waiting for your ‘light’ from space to change the reality through balance in time. Life on Earth is a reflection of Thought and everyone is vying for your thoughts in order to create their purpose of an end result as Earth goes through the car wash. Potential is neutral, nondiscriminatory, unlimited and remains dormant until we activate it. When does a caterpillar become a butterfly? Your potential comes with Empowerment and the Will of Divine Creation flows out through your intention. Each of us of our own accord, within our own holding of balanced intention adds our expression into the Whole of all Creation. Understanding this empowers us, hence becoming a subtle glowing Light like the brilliance from a diamond that will expand upon itself into a radiating Blue starburst of Life.

Restore the 4 Laws of Creation in your life and unlock the Kingdom:
Focus Intention Release Entrain & It Creates Everything

Defrost then Roast.

“Light in mind to body in light to become Enlightened Embodiment.”

‘Ki’ ngggg ‘D’ (4) ‘OM’mmmm (keying the OhM)

Sight- Sound- Smell- Taste- Touch,
And to ‘Know’ is the center of a five pointed star.

The Light whistles and sings in a “Harmony of the Spheres,” vibrating with Divine Intelligence-DI to move creational SAP upon the face of Earth and over time (growth), filling up space (DNA blueprints), blossoms into flowering fragrant expressions that become a sweet tasting Honey of Life in order to “Sense” what Creation Feels like!

For Divine Intelligence just wanted to “Know” itself.

The “Hymn Of Pearl” has become… A


Do you really want to find the Beast? Copy and paste into a word doc. the picture of the “Fireman,” then 'enter' 2 spaces below the pic, left click and hold and scroll over pic, 'the dance' to unmask the HO pi Blue Star within the four corners of your Windows screen and find the marks of the hell fire 'DE mons' within the Virgin Mary blue. For it is you humanity has been waiting for to wake up and regain the mind and body of a 10 year old (binary coded HO r mon’ s) in order to see who you really are. Through the Language of the 'Birds' and the collective work of the 'Bees' the applications to change your being into a “Luminous Mon” is within your understanding. And it all starts with ‘Just one Black Pearl’™; the dark night of the Soul and your Thoth.

The Indigo and Orange between Lords!

"The Headlines of Spanish Flu!"

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