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Default Re: A WARNING; Heads up, 2009 August/September time.

Originally Posted by Ammit View Post
Quote: It was more in reference to the speculation on what MIGHT occur. Floods, earthquakes, CMEs, people killing for food. Although all possibilities, that is just what they are - possibilities. If we all hunker down in our bunkers prepared to kill in defense or for food we are kinda going against what Avalon is about.

Ok, what will you do hand over your food with a welcome back anytime voucher?.

Yes, they are possibillities, but very real ones the same as the forum is possillities but because of this forum you as you say "hunker down in your bunker", why does this site make you think at some stage you may need to.
Having come from a big uk city, and witnessed murder for a teaspoon full of drugs, homes robbed while you sat watching tv and my friends brother put in hospital as a cabbage for 5 in his wallet.

Possibillities, more a reality then you think my friend.
Yes thats what I'll do - make up vouchers and food stamps! Come on. Im not talking about feeding the thousands. If groups of neighbours band together it will be a lot safer.

And yes - certain posts on this forum suggest (to me) that people are preparing to go it alone.

Lets continue this line of thought in Sept.
Until then, I'll keep

Best Regards
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