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Default Re: My Strange Encounters Video!

Thank you everyone! I guess I am a little frustrated that a person can sum up all my experiences as a disorder and tell me I need years if not a lifetime of medications.
I went to a psychologist at first for some mild depression and anxiety.
We got into other stuff, she is Native American, she believed my paranormal stories but said she had to find a label as it was her job, and told me off record to seek spiritual advice and visit the Indian reservation and then she put in a recommendation for me to see a shrink as expected of her.
I had told her I wanted to see someone anyhow to find out about hypnotism.
Then she changed jobs (maybe it was the loosechange video I gave her, lol).

I have 4 children, just got out of a long poverty situation and it was 6 years ago I asked for help... long wait. By now, I have over come my own depression and fears (no meds!), but still wanted to pick the shrinks brain about some things.

The guy pretty much told me that all psychic phenomena and paranormal stuff is bull and tricks of the brain! He said hypnotism only works on children for surgery and nothing more.
He said, even God and Religion is bogus brain washing and told me to go read some history, hahahahahaha. (Well, I kind of believed that anyhow).
So I went on to talk a bit about the Annunnaki and Sumerian history.

One thing I mentioned was that maybe my brain as a child naturally released mega amounts of DMT when I slept which may have caused out of body experiences.
He didn’t seem to know anything about DMT and the brain, or just brushed it off!

We talked about the pharma companies and their scams to sell drugs...
that got hot... he is totally into regulating natural products and thinks they should be banned.
I asked how much he gets paid to push the pills they want him too, did he get a new car, because I had a doctor friend (whom my shrink also knows) and he told me about the scams.... but my shrink said they don’t do that anymore.

I asked him, if psychic stuff is not real, then why is the military interested in remote viewing? He answered, they don’t do that anymore either because they learned it was a waste of time.
That’s bull, I just watched a kids show about it a few months ago where the kid went to a military base and had a demonstration, its not top secret anymore.

He really changed subjects when I mentioned that I was told by a biological family member that they think Dr. Ewen Cameron of Mkultra fame, was an old family friend, (I can't confirm that yet though), but my birth mother was drugged or hypnotized and brought 14 hours away to the city and stuck in a home till I was born, then I was taken from her.
That home was right near Allen Memorial where they did all those crazy experiments.
Funny, psychologists and psychiatrists admire that freak.

I am not going to go back or take the meds, I just need to get better sleep at night. And when I do occasionally dream of aliens or have some odd paranormal experiences I find it exciting now. I haven’t had sleep paralysis in years or demonic dreams. Good thing they didn’t medicate me as a kid, much happier going through this and dealing with it up front.

Thanks again for the comments. I am inspired by the people who have courage to tell their stories and its great when you hear something that matches your own. The dream of the man who brought me to the toy store on the moon is important. I read someone’s childhood dream online once and it was the absolute same dream, down to every detail... this is something I want to find out about. I don’t know where the blog is now that the dream was on, it was years ago, but it blew me away! I bet other kids had the same dream... maybe some type of screen memory.
Luv Jenn

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