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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

I am grateful to Astralwalker and others who are contributing in this thread.
I have a question about “meditation spots”.
I am not educated at all in this topic, but I am exploring my “spiritual gifts” only.
For example I can feel this grid of Hartmann and Curry lines, as it is called.
For me it feels like a thin curtain, and that you can move this curtain maximum 15-20 mm with your fingers touching it.
These curtains seems alive to me, because it is moving back and forth at a very slow rate.
These lines seems to be parallel and something around 5 meters between them.
And in 90 degrees angle to these lines you have another kind of similar lines.
It seems squared to me, and as a consequence that the earth is a sphere, so this can not go on forever.
It seems to me that somewhere there has to be something “not-squared”.
Is it these “not-squared” areas you are looking for?
I have heard also that in these 90 degrees crossings, you have a positive or a negative crossing.
I don't know the meaning of positive and negative crossings.
Is it possible for an individual person to use, these crossing to “inject “ life force, to Mother Earth?
If these Hartmann and Curry lines already are some kind of energy channels to Mother Earth.
Is it then possible for example to stand up on a proper crossing, align yourself in a 45 degree angle to the actual Hartmann and Curry lines, to not interfere with the current lines of Mother Earth.
And then hold your hands side-ways, palms up, and take down life force through your hands, through your body and down through your feet to Mother Earth.
At the same time probable charging yourself also.
This is just speculations, please do comment!
Comments appreciated
Love, Freedom and Truth

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