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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

I agree. Conflict is conflict. On both sides of an issue. Though I promote Ground Crew, I am very careful in holding true. I will not hurt anyone, I will not become a catalyst for negativity. My soul is eternal, so i do not fear loosing my physical body. All life is sacred. Our light will resonate and the meditation will be successful. It already is.

To illustrate that fact, I have already been to several of the sites and have meditated to the advent that planetary healing would occur. While in Moundsville Alabama, I lay in the middle of the mounds and saw a great vibrating grid lay out over the sky before me. The grid pulsated and connected the entire earth as one entity. I saw the same in Tikal and in Landers. It was of no surprise to me to see these exact sites listed.

These events have already happened, are happening, and will happen. We are connecting to the great Merkaba that is built from within to embrace that which is without. What a pleasure it has been for me to find you all here and see so easily my connection and place in this event. Thank you. I seek to find, no, I WILL BE FOUND by the space in Canada or Washington State that is my resonate for this project. I can hardly wait, and I will let you know when it happens and where it is located...

Peace of Mind,
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