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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Well thank you Gemeos for bringing it up .
I made several calls for feedback on our nexus meditations here and there but
no one seems to have heard them.
I agree this may be a sign that the engine has slowed down and yet I don't feel
the driver is gone .
I personnally have been carrying our weekly meditations on a regular basis with
occasionnal interruptions when it was impossible to do otherwise.
And I trust others did the same .
I feel the whole focus might have shifted somehow to expand our Love to other areas
of our daily lives. This is at least how it is for me .
I have found myself much more busy on the forum sharing the fruits collected during
our common work . I think the tremendous Love we share has been put into practice beyond the realm
of our peacefull sittings and our closed eyes. It has become a way of living more and more .
In this I see a very good thing and ultimately how it should be.
As far as the swirlies are concerned I found them interesting and helpfull in keeping focused
and wide awake and aware in the NOW.
I like them best combined with the music we have: either Dayzero's or the file that Phirefly made.
What happened to me during our last meditations that were using music is a complete experience
of letting go completely . Literally switching to a zero point : no pictures, no memories , nothing .
I am now able to do this at will when I have a chance to take a short time to relax completely .
I am founding those moments extremely refreshing . For me they mean ability to pull out from the
matrix which in itself is quite something .
So nexus is a journey that changes us as we go along .
Nexus is an amazing tool that proved to me again and again that Love is our foundation and that Love is the key .
LOVE is all there is .LOVE is who we really are.

Love always

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