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Default Re: God, Jesus, Satan, Lucifer, Etc.

I had hoped for some more discussion regarding this thread. I don't care if the responses are positive or negative...I'm simply trying to generate some interest in some unorthodox views of theology...or demonology. This may be very, very important regarding figuring out what is really going on in the world...and in the universe. Try to think beyond Sunday school...and beyond the egomaniacal televangelists.

Threads are so easily lost and buried. They can be hard to find...once they fade from view. Searches seemed to work better in the past. Has anyone else noticed this?

Please consider the first post very carefully. I need some critical feedback. I'm trying to determine the level of my sanity...or insanity. I wish I were joking.

Hollywood knows more than we Goyim know. Consider this...when considering this thread. Also...look at this Lone Gunman video clip which preceded 9/11 by six months. Note particularly the appearance of the remote control pilot at 7:47. In light of the rest of this the appearance of this individual significant? Was Lucifer the remote control pilot of the planes or craft which hit the Twin Towers and the Pentagon on 9/11? Was the controlled demolition remotely controlled from the same laptop computer? Do the orders still stand...for 'Earth Changes'? Lucifer...just call off the New World Constitutional Responsible Freedom...and retire. You've earned it. - The Lone Gunman, Pilot Episode (Air Date: March 4, 2001)

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