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Default Re: Today, the problem isnít over-population, itís over-consumption

The dept

In my opinion, the dept is directly link with the root of the problem. Because the dept grows continuously, the concept of national growth has all its reason to exist. We got to produce more because we are more in dept... What an abominable pattern. The economical concept of dept serves only one purpose, to assure a position of strength from the loaner. If the loaner has already this advantage worldwide since centuries, it assures a near total control over the masses. If a dept could be ruled itself, by a more ethical way, it wouldn’t reach the level of economical “slavery” that causes so many problems to the majority of humanity plus an aggressive impact on Earth’s life. A simple example to improve how the mechanism of the dept could be by limiting the amount of times the original capital has been already paid.

The ethical and acceptable reason why interest is included in the deal is to make profits. Not to enslave. It also forces the borrower to pay back in due time. The reality is that interest becomes the tool to maintain a relationship of dependence between the loaner and the borrower. This relationship has all the element of a victim consciousness in which freedom is oppressed in favor of the power of one over another. If this practice last for too long, the progressive influence of a few becomes worldwide and controls the life of millions of people, this is our situation after more than 500 years of Western financial activities.

Pay it twice, not more...

If we limit this concept in a more ethical way, after the initial capital would have been paid twice, no matter if there’s still an amount of the dept left, the transaction would become completed, considering the loaner has made enough profit. The financial activities would be still viable, but reduced to lesser impact in our life.

It is unacceptable to be continuously ruled by economical powers. Life is much more than economy alone and much has been put aside for the profit of this gluttonous human activity. When you look at countries in the world, the very large majority of them are in dept. Many have already paid several times the initial capital, some of them up to more than ten times! And for an increasing number, it becomes clearer that the dept will never be paid...

We should review this activity with a new perspective, from nature. Does Earth’s nature enslave itself? Why is this behavior still ongoing in our society and almost never questioned? Are we unaware? Do we lack trust in ourselves and afraid to change the economical rules? Do we feel not united enough to create a change?

A waste of human work

When our taxes go into a hole without bottom, we should wake up and say enough of this masquerade. Imagine all the human energy put into this waste, just to make a few richer and more influential over the population. Money from taxes = human energy. All this energy could be put into solution to solve our environment impact on nature. Of course, we can come out with “realistic” view saying; there is nothing we can do about it because we lack unity. Or that everyone disagrees on details and forgets the more important things to do first. Or that we do not have the leadership to bring it forward. Views all understandable, but we got to keep the faith alive if we want to produce a change. Because changes will not come from an effort of the will, nor an armed revolution, but from a shift in consciousness. So, we got to stay focus on our goal. Be realist, ask for the impossible!

Namaste, Steven

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