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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

February 8th... Looking forward to it

A "miracle" actually happened to me when I participated in the "fire the grid" meditation, so I know these things can be powerful. I had always been very wheat intolerant, and for some time I had tried out different cleansing and healings etc. and I used spelt instead of wheat. During the "fire the grid" meditation (which lasted about 1 hour) I felt these "ligth beings" (for lack of a better term, I really do not know what "they" were) enter into my stomach area and roam around for a while before they left. As they left I got an intuitive message/nudge: "Now you can eat wheat again..." It was hard to believe, but I tried some next day, and it went very well. Since that time I can eat wheat just fine.

Let's just come together in gratitude for Being. Sit down, close our eyes, perhaps listen to some music in the background, relax and be receptive/grateful for whatever comes and whatever goes. Make wherever you are a sacred place. Anchor the cosmic waves into the center of the Earth. There is no correct or in-correct way of doing these things. It's different for each person, and every experience is welcomed. The unifying intent behind "the happening" is the important thing, not the exact way it happens.

In gratitude,

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