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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Dear Nexus Thread!!

Mudra & I are adding a Spirituality Quiz to our thread!
Every Monday ,hopefully, we will add quizinaires or exercises
that will add to your journey.....

Pls copy & paste to some program that you can print out and start your own Spiritual Notebook. Pls feel free to discuss what you want on line, but do not feel you have to...You may PM either Mudra & I if you have personal questions.......

************************************************** ***

Quiz for Spirituality!

Pls Print out and start a Spiritual Quest Notebook…………

Some of this starts out very elemental, however, it does give you a chance
To rethink your steps of how you got here NOW….

These questions are for you & they are only meant to help……..if they cause
You pain, pls don’t answer….just note yr reaction & the date.If you care to discuss on line,pls do, but one should not feel they HAVE to.

In Light!

1. Have you ever felt there is another (loving)person there with you, when you are in an empty room?

2. Have you known things your friends & family say before they say them?

3.Have you seen figures in the corners of your vision?

4.Have you seen ‘signs’ of the same message over & over again?

5.Have you ever met someone that you feel like you have known your whole life,although you met them only recently? (for yourself only) give examples….

6. If Life is Sacred, give some examples of how you show this in your everyday actions……..(If you DON’T feel Life is Sacred,why not?pls list at least 3 reasons why life is not sacred to you….then ask why….it will give insights to issues that should be worked on)

7.Does everyone that you meet during the day hold the same value to you?
Why or why not….pls explain your reasons……

8. Do you enjoy new ways or ideas that challenge your every day ways of doing things? Why or why not? This will help you pin point learning blocks or increase successful focus for future reference….

9. How do you show your gratitude to the people in your life? How do you
show gratitude to yourself?

10. Are you ready to increase other latent gifts that you have? Why or why not…..

11. What does time mean to you? Do you prioritize and use time compartments to their fullest? Could you organize your time better so that you can learn a new skill?

12. Do you understand that if you learn something on a regular basis a little at a time, that within even a few months you will have gained much? How have you achieved something in this manner? How important is gaining new expertise to you?

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