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Originally Posted by eleni View Post

3 years ago I had my second near death experience. It was not like the first one.

I went through an eye (yes a physical one) and there were voices speaking to me in a language I couldn't understand (sounded ancient for lack of better description) I did not feel well as this was happening and was filled with despair at the realization of what was happening.

It's a bit hard to explain but I felt this was some all seeing eye construct one passes through in certain areas of the Matrix so to speak.

When I told my ex husband (he being a researcher of ancient Egyptian archeology and lore) mentioned that it sounded like the eye of Ra.

I can write more but to this day don't like recounting that experience because it really left me shaken.

I've come to some conclusions about Lucifer myself that are similar to yours.
Are you referring to the third eye, located between the eyebrows that advanced mediators can see?. The aim is to go threw it and merge with infinite consciousness.
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