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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Welcome Galaxy Girl.

Thank you for the meditation sights. I really appreciate.

I will check them first thing tomorrow morning.

According to this theory we've never directly been part of the Milky Way and that we are now preparing to join it.
Yes it is true.

If you read the thread from the beging you will notices that I have mentioned this:

Since our solar system is currently at the location of joining point between Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy and the Milky Way it will certainly affect us.

That is why we are observing the Milky Way from a side on the night sky which would not be the case otherwise. However the mainstream science has many difficulties accepting this fact.

In any case…we are on the exact point of joining!

I can not go far in this but this is a link that I come across about a year ago or so, where it describes the major project that was done by University of Massachusetts with a purpose to map the stars in the sky in infrared light.

From the data they generated from Two-Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS) they concluded the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy its actually in the process of assimilation by the Milky Way Galaxy.

Sagittarius is 10,000 times smaller in mass than the Milky Way, so it is getting stretched out, torn apart and gobbled up by the bigger Milky Way.

Once again, thanks for the locations. I really appreciate.

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