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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Hi again,

I just saw one point I'd like to clarify on, since I've talked with Astralwalker quite a bit. I don't think he believed we would die from gamma ray exposure (or even moving celestial body influence for that matter) unless we did nothing.

I will be taking some time to explain some of my theories as to the science behind these matters, but suffice it to say for now - it is precisely by organizing such an effort, that we can ensure that nothing happens aside from two possible outcomes, both desirable.

The other point is this - this is much much more than a group meditation. There have been many of those in the past and while they are quite effective, there is a way to greatly amplify their potential and this is what we are working on.

The amplification requires synchronization. It is possible to synchronize the brainwaves of all participants using the right sensory stimuli and networking technology. What we will be experimenting with over the next few years is the easiest way to do this that is still sufficiently effective. There will be back-up plans and relocation programs just in case, but the ideal plan A will require very little from most people. The important thing is to achieve critical mass, and to do this, the most important aspect will be to do our best to scientifically prove why this is necessary and why it will work.

Meanwhile we will be able to explain some of the fundamentals and things we can do in the meantime to prime ourselves. I for one have been going through extensive changes to the way I operate in reality and have certainly felt the difference.

It might become more clear once I release the first experimental files - they will sound like deep ambient music for meditation. But the encodings will be designed in a very particular way so as to have an effect like nothing that has been created before. They are the result of new models I have came up with in some advanced courses I am taking towards this goal above all else.

So these are my two primary objectives while Astralwalker continues to supply missing puzzle pieces:

1) explain priming and how to achieve optimal physical, psychological, and spiritual cleansing

2) achieve the objective of the first batch of experimental files - affect repeatable OBE's in all subjects who have qualified as "primed"

This having been said, the files won't be released until they are already proven effective for myself, Astralwalker, and whoever else cares to join us to organize and promote this project.

But to see the exciting prospect here - just try to visualize what it would be like when the time comes - the earth grid activated by possibly millions of us synchronized in collective consciousness around the earth - the harmonic waves radiating off of the planet to either avert disaster or catapult us into new dimensional experience, all depending on what had been planned for us by "Prime Creator" (or whatever name you care to use).

take care everyone,

Phied Piper
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