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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Free 2012 Nexus Event ebook now available.

Given that the "elite" have a history of burning books (so to speak) and programing us with disinformation, it seemed prudent on discovering this thread to create an ebook out of this Nexus discussion that people can store on computers around the world.

With the approval of Astralwalker and Kerry (of Project Camelot/Project Avalon) much of this thread has now been turned into a free ebook (or .pdf file). It's over 300 pages so far. Updates will also be made from now on.

You can download it for free to your own computer and save it there for further reference and study while off line.

It's a fairly big file so be patient as it my not appear at first to be downloading.

You will need Adobe Reader to view this file. It is available for free here.

Update Note 12 29 08: Had to change the download path to make it more efficient...and to keep track of those who choose to download, there is a confidential list form to fill in so you can be advised of future upgrades.

The download also starts immediately/automatically...comes straight to your computer...then when it's complete. do a "Save Copy."

Much simpler.

Just click here to download the free ebook/ .pdf file

Please note that the download site is independent of Astralwalker and Project Camelot/Project Avalon, so if you have any problems downloading, please do not hassle them. (PM me instead if you need a download tutorial).

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