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Post Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Hi everyone.

I would like to share some good information that I found about ALCIONE

Alcyone is precisely, the principal sun of the pleiades and its orbit gravitate seven suns, our sun being the seventh which circles Alcyone.

Is good to know that Alcyone has rings like Saturn, and, unlike those of saturn
(which are made of rock, meteoric stones of a distinct kind), those of Alcione
form a whole and are made radiactive; they are made of radiation.
But, to what kind of radiation do I refer? Simply to the radiation which the splitting of the electron produces.
The fractional electrons release an energy which some author call manasic.

It is a radioactive ring that brings many surprises to the men of Jinns Science.
Incredible things will be seen at the moment when Earth enters into the Rings of “Alcion”:
All the matter will become phosphorescent and the molecules will alter their movement, therefore, the mathematical formulas in the field of biology, chemistry, physics, will be altered; medicine will have to change its formulas because they will be useless; new species of animals will appear and this is something unavoidable... Matter will be strongly radioactive; many people will not resist the radiation of the “Alcion's” Rings and will die.
I repeat, we are about to enter in that ring. As a matter of fact, if the Sun enters first, there will be darkness that will last 110 hours. If Earth enters first into the ring of “Alcion”, it will happen that Earth will seem to be burning, but it only be fires of colors. Earth can enter anytime into the ring of “Alcion”…
…As a matter of fact, a very long day which will last 2.000 years is coming, this means that night will disappear and the luminous radiation of “Alcion” will penetrate all the tenebrous caverns of Earth and cover the planet everywhere, shining miraculously; its emanations will amaze the people of other inhabited worlds of the unalterable infinite. In this manner will come the marvelous resplendence of the stars which will come accompanied by the melodies of the Macrocosm... Very soon, an estrange world will appear: that world is called Earth!

Samael Aun Weor. Lecture: The Lost Paradise

More Information here:

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