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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

A respectful suggestion.

While patiently waiting for the sacred sites to be mapped, we can personally be doing something now – and every day - that will help ourselves and the planet at the same time.

Candle focus is an ancient technique.

I'd suggest setting up a candle with a picture of Gaia behind it and meditate on this for a period of time. The process changes brain waves at a certain point and one's thoughts influence the quantum field and thereby begin to create the future that one is “dreaming” at that “now” moment. (It takes linear time for the 'dream' to become 'real' so again, patience is important).

If the image of Gaia also includes grid lines (even without the exact locations of the sacred sites) and the practitioner is visualizing (dreaming) the planet being healed, and himself/herself as part of the world beyond whatever changes Gaia must go through in her healing ... then that future is imprinted on the matrix for both Gaia and the individual concerned.

Let's face it – personal survival is just as important as the survival of Gaia – so why not be visualizing oneself celebrating on a happy planet in 2013?

While the planetary grid is composed of meridians and ley lines etc, such as lines of longitude and latitude we see on maps, each of us is in our own unique place within that matrix. It permeates the entire quantum or sub-atomic realm that makes up our very flesh. Therefore, whatever we do or think individually does influence the whole.

Doing this suggested technique will also strengthen one's level of focus (and enhance the spiritual well-being) by 'mapping' the grid within the neurons of the brain – which is itself a quantum instrument – and thus when the time comes for the sacred site meditation, we will be a well-charged little dynamo (wherever we are) adding much to that exercise.

Lastly, if we were to copy and print an image of the earth (such as the four in the Astralwalker post above which have a grid on them already, or perhaps one that Astralwalker might post???) - then our work would also benefit from and add to the harmonic/frequency that already connects us in this joint endeavor.
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