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Hmmm another Red Head from Canada eh?


Read my lips N O - P L A N E S

So now you want evidence...

Exhibit One "The Amazing Vanishing Airplane"

An Orange Flash..

Still No Hole

Exhibit Two - "Wonder Woman"

It has been said the fire from the burning airplane fuel was hot enough to cause huge steel girders to 'buckle'... despite the fact that the jet fuel burned up in 10 seconds... as fuel tends to do... one big fireball..

Here is a picture of the 'hole' created by the plane... This is minutes after the explosion... you can see a small office fire in the upper floor on the left... you can see the center supports still intact but there is NO MORE FIRE in the collision area...

Have a closer look...

Still not seeing it? Try this...

Minutes after the explosion ... the building still standing and the fire out in the hole caused by the 'airplane' and here is Wonder Woman... white pants... no signs of having just survived a huge fireball and holding on to metal so hot it buckled and collapsed
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