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Default Re: 911 no planes?

it was a hologram...
NOT, a plane that you saw

it sure was a fly-by
and, it's one, that isn't going to fly bye

why waste a plane,
when you plainLY do NOT have to

(pardon the puns)

and, then, they think, people will sleep through it

surpriSe - SurpriSe - SurpriSe

people are waking up...
all, the greed, that has gone into the making of america,
selling people, lots and lots of toys...
as, many as, they will buy
even better, if you give them credit
and, extend that, to the point,
that they can barely swim

well the information age, that we are in,
they NEVER counted on people walking around,
with the toys--their "greed machines"
(all the cameras, videocams, etc.,
on the streets) appear to be
actually being used against them

it looks very good on them...doesn't it !!!

now, isn't this a step in the right direction

this is fabulous "good stuff"

The truth it is, being told
and, there is NO discounting this stuff

as, i said before -- this is eXcellent reporting

brightest blessings
the eXchanger
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