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Originally Posted by EYES WIDE OPEN View Post
no planes? - absolute nonsense. PSY-OPS trying to discredit the truth movment. Dont fall for it. Just ask henry deacon.
Thanks for the input EWO.

Henry is just reporting accurately what he saw. Not what actually happened. Henry was thousands of miles away.

But regardless of who was where between all four alleged airplanes there had to be about 9.6 million parts each of which was identifiable by a part or serial number. That is an FAA requirement because each little or big part on an 14 CFR Part 25 Certificated airplane nothing is used in the manufacture, NOTHING, without a provenance of the history of that part. Furthermore each mart has to be identified wither by stamp and nameplate was the part no. is and who the manufacturer was.

In addition to this there was 300 miles of wiring of which each and every 6 inches was stamped with a code that identified where that wire was placed in the airplane. In addition to that and not included in the 9.6 million parts there were many hundreds of thousands of rivets.

Now an airplane rivet has to meet exact specifications in its manufacture and those specifications are stamped on the head of each rivet. You can pick up any rivet and tell by the stamp where it was used and how it was used.

Now each airplane, of the four, has 2 engines, thats a total of 8 engines. None was found in Shanksville, oh yes, I remember, there was a turbine disk that miraculously appeared in the backhoe bucket. One turbine disk out of two 3 ton engines? Thats a joke, right?

In the World Trade Center there should have been 4 engines each weighing about 4 tons each with an enormous fan measuring almost 8 feet on the front.

Here is a photo of the same type engine, which was attached to an MD-11 which plunged almost straight into the ocean at 400 mph. See that fan? It's very difficult to dislodge from the shaft.

OK, so now my point is if there were really airplanes that crashed at the Pentagon, Shanksville or the World Trade Center where are the parts?

We all saw the engine from Murray Street but no serial or part numbers off of the thousands of parts on it. No big crack in the street where it landed after sailing through the air from a height of 800 feet and several blocks. Some have identified that Murray street engine as a CFM-56 used on Boeing 737's and DC-8's. But it could not have come off UAL Flight 175 for the simple reason that even if you argued that he CFM 56 was a predecessor of the CF-6, and that some parts were identical, the CF-6 was on American Airlines Boeing 767's. Not on UAL Boeing 767's. UAL used Pratt and Whitney JT9D's.

So it's impossible for any airplane, either a Boeing 757 or Boeing 767 to have crashed anywhere on 911.

The threat that the no-plane theory is a PsyOp to discredit the truth movement I hope is true for all the good they are doing.
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