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Default Re: Alan Watt(Researcher) - books, free videos, free mp3s


It has been my 'favorite' source for almost 2 years now.

For instance: Alan stated that S. Sitchin's translations from the Summerian tablets contain errors. Alan studied Summerian himself, to find out if Sitchins work was reliable. Now Alan claims that Sitchin (a Russian Jew) works for the Elite and his books are a psychological trick to plant the idea of beeing genetically altered to become a work slave for the annunaki. The purpose is that when people accept the idea, they are much easier to manipulate. But he doesn't deny the fact of the existence of aliens but he adresses most of what is given tu us is given on purpose by TPTB (the powers that be) in order to fullfill their agenda. So if whe really want to break out of this matrix: a whole NEW way of thinking and creating is required, since whe have been living is THEIR created Masonic evil Matrix.
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