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Default Re: Alan Watt(Researcher) - books, free videos, free mp3s

some points from Alan on the alien agenda, new age religions (oneness movement, etc.), and counter intelligence:


Superstars are put out for public consumption. They take basic truths which are being written about or spoken about by others which might be detrimental to the elite's plans. This is then spun off into some weird direction and discredits the serious research done by the original authors. This technique is used by counter-intelligence all the time.


I came to speak the truth, not what is popular. Jesus was crucified and jeered by the same mob because he didn't go the popular way of a sword wielding messiah. Truth is always crucified because the public doesn't want it. I could say way more about an alien agenda than the popular stuff being spewed out there, but it would not help stop the associations and combinations (of men) who are plotting without the help of any aliens to take us all down. The purpose of psychological warfare is to have you counting your toes or gazing at the night sky looking for aliens while you're all dying of viruses and bacterium made by men in laboratories, paid by men in big office towers, who associate with big elite associations of men who have annual meetings. If I wanted to fascinate the people and be popular, I could spin you the most beautiful tales you'd ever heard and churn a book out every two weeks. It might not help you, but it would be giving you what you want.


We've got to eliminate the crocodiles because apparently they're running all over the place. Part of the solution again is to expose the control and the control techniques which includes psychological warfare, which has many people spinning into outer space.

The solution is for each individual to decide. If the system is corrupt from top to bottom, how can you save it, and would you want to save it, or like most people do you want time to stop with everything you know intact and simply go no further?

I've been deluged with New Agers who've swallowed every piece of candy on the bookshelves and their solution is to stare down holes like Mt. Shasta for an answer, try and make peace with the reptiles, or accepting the "fact" that the commoners are a lower slave made DNA type of reptile, therefore there's nothing you can do.

Meanwhile all the little unknown people who've been doing all the serious research have it spun into outer space and discredited by psychological warfare techniques. The oneness movement was put out there by the top of the establishment for the establishment's sake.

People are divided by all religions including the New Age Religion, the Space Age Religion and the Lord Of The Rings Religion. The only ones who have their names on documents regarding the New World Order and its agenda were conceived and born the same way as everybody else. Until the public demand a say in their own destiny and demand the associations to which every public servant belongs be made available, then these agendas will steamroll on.

Why would anyone give power of law over one-self to someone or hundreds who've sworn allegiance to a secret agenda? Just like with the FTAA, NAFTA, GATT, SOA, the public know by the effects years after the deals have been signed into law. We are only now seeing the effects of the next stage. America is asleep. No one can argue they didn't notice the unification of Europe and the subjugation of once national governments to that of minor provinces. Where were the people of America while all that was going on? And check the most popular books of that era. Yes, counter-intelligence works very well.

Who's been mining your mind?

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