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Default Re: Alan Watt(Researcher) - books, free videos, free mp3s

yup he really gets you to look at what level of propaganda and cultural manipulation is going on. The "Big Boys" use Non governmental offices (NGO's) to front these big non profit organizations that are supposed to be a benefit for us, which in turn dictate policy to political organizations. Each of our cultural movements are just part of a big business agenda. All our truths handed down are just truths mixed with lies to serve their agenda. My favorite one is the music from the Beatles and their lyrics and their cultural role. Or that soy is good for you and now its in a lot of foods but in reality it just lowers sperm count for population control. Its all about population control and dumbing us down and giving us things to do to keep us misdirected. All this fancy esoteric **** dont mean a thing if we cant stop chemtrails or fluoride in our water. We have to protect our body first, family, community then we can start getting all fancy schmancy about aliens, cosmos etc... He has definitely grounded me and got me to reprioritize myself. The "big boys" are going to push and fund cult people and concepts of ascension so you take whatever is being dished to you now because you think your going to ascend into the next level. I just saw Stephen Kings Tommyknockers it was a great allegory.

Good Luck
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