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Default Re: Tarot readings here.....

ANNON 5 .... AND ANNON got the same card )


These three things are to be taken note of ,
the lowest love is sex- it is physical-and the
highest refinement of love is compassion.
Sex is below , compassion is above love
love is exactley in the middle .
Very few people know what love is .
Ninety- nine percent of people, unfortunatley ,
think that sexuality is love.. it is not .
Sexuality is very animal . it certainley has the
potential of growing into love , but is not actual love
only a potential .
If you become aware and alert , meditative , then
sex can be transfomed into love .
And if your meditativeness becomes total, absolute , love can be transformed into compasion.Sex is the seed , love is the flower
compasionn is the fragrence .
Buddha has defined compasion as love plus meditation.
When your love is not just a desire for the other . when your love is not only a need , when you love is sharing ,when your love is not that of a beggar but an emperor ,when your love is not asking for somthing in return but is ready to only give-to give for the sheer joy of giving -then add meditation to it and the pure fragrence is realeased .That is compasion , compassion is the highest phenomenon....
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