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Default Re: How Do You Feel About This Forum?

the following problems should be addressed:

- make one thread or sticky only about water, another only about food prep, etc., etc. to clear up the whole ELE/war/avian flu/whatever preparation mess that is all over the board. we need to put all the information together so that there is no more need TO discuss it again and again. consolidate it so its findable. too much time is being spent on these topics when we ought to be discussing the handbook and internal preparations.

-we have people here that are just beginning the journey of waking up and we have very advanced posters here that know almost everything. id like to think that this forum is the most advanced forum with respect to obtaining the truth. if you want to go the political route, go to the prison planet forum on the alex jones site. thats all they discuss there-- theyre spiritually devoid for the most part, and most dont believe in the alien stuff.
the icke site is okay, but again, theyre not nearly as into the george green/paradigm handbook stuff. IMO, the icke site is like the jones site with the alien knowledge. lastly, youve got the mtsar forum which primarily discusses symbolism, psychic vampirism, and society. its small, but has a group of sharp individuals who post there. lets make this site more george greenish (with some deagle influence) and cut down on everything else- thats our niche here. the wilcock followers have the divine cosmos board for the more passive 2012 approach.

the newbies need their own section to catch up with the rest of the more advanced people. debating whether mccain or obama is better and whether fluoride and vaccines are good or not simply causes board traffic. besides, we are far beyond worrying about that stuff.

lastly, the social groups arent being under-utilized.

id like to see this board become 80% spiritual-oriented and 20% physical preparation. headlines and news updates are easily found on other websites, like rense. why repost anything thats readily found?
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