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Default Re: St. Patrick's Day

i am very proudly of irish descent, from both parents. green is my colour, i try to wear earth tones, to remind me that i am of the earth.

however, i refuse to wear green on st patricks day. i was named patrick, and raised very catholic. i mourn on st. patrick's day.
he was a book burner and boasts, in his 'confessions', to have burned hundreds of heathen books. this is in the fifth century, mind you, when books were works of illuminated art, hand done by scribes over many months.

so, what was lost of irish culture, history, philosophy. it has been said that the druids left no written records. if they did, patrick burned them.

patrick was a zealot and was responsible for beginning in ireland, what the spaniards and other enlightened christians did to the native americans, but twelve hundred years earlier.
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