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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Hello again,

Tank you Jazzgad, Oliver and Selaviv for the welcome.

Perseide, Burgundia and Sanat, I totally agree with your thoughts.

Astralwalker, congratulations, the site is great. Lots of information. Thank You!

Going back a little….
“So instead of fighting and creating more division,…”

There’s no fighting, and there’s no division. There are suggestions and concerns!
We are all here because of You, Astralwalker, because of this Nexus project that you are the mentor.
We got on this “ship” with you being the Captain.
But sometimes, probably in the heat of some tiredness, your Ego, like Burgundia said, gets in the way.

For someone that is the indisputable leader of this thread, that appeared almost like a messiah, proclaiming love and light for all humanity and that, I have to recognize, has done an excellent job so far, you sometimes act like a child, like some alter ego has possessed you.
Every time someone appears suggesting something or criticizing something, you immediately switch to “defensive mode”, putting that person aside and acting like - “It’s My Project, It’s My Way or No Way!” Grow up, I say!

Maybe we’re not so “evolved” as you are, nor do we have the same level of meditation experience, but because of that you should be more comprehensive about our doubts and our suggestions.

And unless you are preparing to Hypnotize everyone of the 7.000 (or more) people, or brainwash us all, you have to consider and accept/respect that the meditation mode (music file, eyes closed, eyes open, video, standing up, laying down) will have to be individual.

The goal, the focus, the thoughts, the feelings, the emotions, the Consciousness will act like one, it’ll naturally flow, because we’re all in this together with the some purpose.
If I can go deep with one file, you may go with another one, If I’m laying in the ground, maybe you’re seated, but our minds will be together in the same wave.

And trying to teach the contrary to all of this people, just a month from the event, is a real Odyssey.

Sorry to be playing this devil’s advocate role.


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