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Default Re: The US Constitution

Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
To me...executive orders, NSC memos, alphabet agencies, security classifications which exclude Presidents, black projects, treaties, the secret government, etc, etc...are end-runs around the Constitution. To me...the President should be an communicate and promote the decisions of the Senate and Congress. 'National Security' can be used to hide all manner of corruption and subversion. This should not be. The states should exercise the most authority and power available to them under the Constitution. Some say that Washington D.C. is not a part of the United States of America...and not under the U.S. Constitution. Some say that Washington D.C. operates under the tyrannical Lex Fori. The occult symbolism in Washington D.C. is very creepy. The Constitution can be suspended...and the country placed under Martial Law. Continuity of Government should be Continuity of Constitution. The Constitution is on the Endangered Species List.
I completely agree, especially with the statements in bold. National security, I think, has gotten out of control. Everything is a possible threat to national security. I can understand some things but we keep far too many secrets from our people. I cannot see a solution to this at this moment but perhaps after further thought, reflection and discourse I can help find one.
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