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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

We already do my friend,

We have grown much in such a short time,and there is much still to do,to be done.

We all play our part.

Much love light & gratitude Asralwalker(Pane) i send your way my friend.

We we all keep the torch burning,moving forward in kinship to oneness.

Thankyou for all you have done,still do, and look forward to your return....

There is still much to do, much to be done.

Oneness calls the Matrix falls....

Love light @ Oneness

Originally Posted by Oliver View Post
Indeed, Samarkis, it is up to us now to continue what was started. I have also spoken with Pane and he generally said to me the same points.

So, we should all now participate, finding the ways for growing and developing our common goals.

My deepest assurance is that the people gathered here have the potential for making this "project" more succesfull and closer to the other souls.

Shall we?

Respect to all. - KRUVEL
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