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Default Re: John Lear

i repsect john lear for putting together all of his information and the amount of time and energy it took to do so. however, the thing that puzzles me is that john is, as most people would claim, a very intelligent man. yet, when asked about 2012 lear even admits that he has never looked into it, though he's convinced that it's of no importance. i wonder how john can be so convinced that 2012 is 'just another day' when he has not taken the time to research, for instane, david wilcock's material. david does not speculate. his claims are derived from the hard, scientific facts. i am not bothered that john does not believe 2012 is of any significance, though this makes no difference to me as we are all allowed to believe what we want. the problem i really have is that he openly admits he has done no investigation into it and states, rather matter of factly, that it's all BS. i would think the least john could do before making such claims is spend a day or two going over david information. most people of john's intelligence will realize very quickly that david is definitely on to something. of course, john may have done some investigation since his last project camelot interview and has either become more openminded or can at least hold his own in an argument against people like david. what i would really like to see happen is for john to actually study david's material and then give his thoughts. unfortunately, as far as i know, john is not interested in 2012 in the last so it is not very likely that he would do so.
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