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Default Re: John Lear

Originally Posted by Aware_Belgium View Post
My favorite interviewed, one of the most positive pple I have listedned to, and my favorite phrases:

"as far as planet X ... that's based on 65 years listening to ********"

"in 20-12, you can look back and say, John Lear, on April 2nd, 2008, said it was all ********"

Lets hope so, right ?

comments anyone? I really like John Lear's charisma and I would love to see him join in, in project Avalon, but I guess he's not really believing it'll go down

though his inside scoops rock!

John Lear is one of the most refreshing whistle blowers here with us now. I found all of his reports to resonate with truth except that of the planet X issue. For good reason, he and others can only open so much of the truth related to off world presence as they themselves have agendas that would never cross into a kind of mutual agenda at some point.
What i find interesting in regards to this name is the fact that every situation that promises or warns of change on Earth should be termed X. this, the planet of the crossing is Earth first undergoing initiation within Gaia herself and then to all her inhabitants. We can rise to this or not, it-the Being that will initiate Gaia is on its way just as prophesied in many teachings. When it does, no thing can escape its penetration as it contains the origin of sound that created all cosmos. WE in organic matter will engage our rise or fall whichever is the case but on our way to the next existence is eminent.

just go listen to the channelings on utube under the arcturians. they tell of this and it does line up with the mystery of the return of our mind link internally to each other and as one great being.
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