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Originally Posted by smat View Post
to the forum w0rm.

there are many good well informed people on here and I have learned a lot from
from what people have posted.
KathyT appears to have begun her awakening process after watching '9-11 in Plane site.'

I too began my journey with first questioning the official story of 9-11

Here are some more interesting videos to watch on that subject.

Here are a few more good 9=11 documentaries:-
smat, that's a nice list, I'll check to see if I've seen some of them.

It's funny, when the truth 'hit' me, it was really like I had been hit in the gut. I realized I had been blind sighted for much of my life. But when I try to tell family... not trying to over pressure them, just asking them to watch the same documentaries, and form their own opinion... most of them don't want to even watch. There is absolutely nothing that would hurt a person by watching.

I am an analyst by heart... I am open minded enough to be willing to watch something on both sides of an issue. That is how you learn. You learn by getting as much information as you can about both sides, so that you can make reasonable judgments on all the facts.

Watch numerous videos, the photos distinctly show a "pod", an attachment to the aircraft, hitting the world trade center. Military jets are known to carry 'pods' under their carriage, commercial airlines do not.

"There has never been a modern steel building that has collapsed due to fire". Why then the world trade center?

In 1965, a raging fire burned for 3 hours in the 11th floor of the North tower... it caused no serious structural damage. Why then, in the short amount of time, did the towers come down from the fires from the air crafts?

In 2005 in Madrid, Spain, the Windsor tower burned for 20 hours, a raging infrernal, yet the steel structure remained standing.

The melting point of steel is 2800 degrees Fahrenheit. Jet fuel burns at a maximum of 1800 degree Fahrenheit. The fires in the trade towers were too low of temperature, and too short of a time to have caused the collapse.

However, the temperature from the explosive Thermite does produce temperatures high enough to collapse steel. Building seven came down from a controlled demolition, admitted to by the owner Mr. Larry Silverstein. There is too much eye witness testimony of explosions in the basement and workers carrying boxes into the building the week prior. It points to controlled demolition bringing down the trade towers. Not terrorists.

There was no remains from an airline hitting the Pentagon... no body, no tail, no recovery of the engines. And a hole only 10 foot high, and 20 feet wide, that a airline with a wingspan of 125 feet, is suppose to have squeezed into. It simply is NOT possible. It was a big lie.

Why the cover up?

The FBI currently possesses 80 confiscated videos of closed circuit TV recordings of the attack on the Pentagon. The FBI refuses to release those videos to the public. They were taken by the public, but now unavailable to the public. What does that spell out to you? It is a cover up. They don't want you to know the truth.

Worm, you ask "I sound negative, I know. But what I've heard so far is a hard pill to swallow, how can the Government be so corrupt?". Please watch all of the videos smat has given here (yes, I know it will take hours), and then come back and tell us what you learned.

It just is really sad when you talk to people you know, who haven't a clue as to information they are missing. Information that won't hurt them, just information that may help them wake up. Many people live in a very sheltered world.

I do not know the answer as to why so many people in America don't care or don't want to know the truth about 9/11. I can only conclude that many individuals are so brainwashed by the news media, they are ignorant as to how to wake up.

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