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Default Re: Experiences since a toddler - all my life.

Originally Posted by no caste View Post
Whew, not much for me to go on then

What kind of nuts and bolts do you like? Astronomy, electromagnetic theory, pulsars, deep ecology, buddhism, gardening like in the ground with your hands, endangered species, I dunno, cars? corrupt US politics?... ?
"Nuts and bolts" is a figure of speech. It means that I like to deal with the foundational structure of any subject. ie: The "meat and potatoes" (another figure of speech), ie: I like to use factual information as much as possible, and conjecture as little as possible.

I have researched all of the above subjects (least of all, buddhism), and all information plays a part in how I view things. I don't dwell on any one subject. If something is "real" and "true", and if it is important, I am interested in it.

Originally Posted by no caste View Post
For instance, there's a discussion here:

CERN: ATLAS, CIA, Stony Brook/ Brookhaven Nat. Lab


(My personal favourite) Let's fry Dick Cheney!! (And Karl Rove et al)
Why is Dick Cheney still yapping?...


[I dunno]

PS Do you swim in the ocean a lot or no?
I do love the ocean. I must live near the ocean. I love to be close to the ocean. I do swim in it, but I am afraid that something will come and bite my leg off. Too many squid monsters in there. So I prefer to view the ocean and be close it, rather than being in it (and becoming breakfast) -- that's a little too close for my liking. Plus there are stingrays, jellyfish and a lot of other creatures which could do me harm.
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