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Default Re: Newbie Seeking Guidance

Originally Posted by artvision View Post
Hi w0rm,

Is nice to have you here, start the digging for the TRUTH like all of us.

One word of caution from my side, I had an acquaintance that become mad, insane (really that was bad) after been involved in Channeling and Spiritualism (talking with the dead). I do not want to enter deep into subject, but that guy told me at a certain point, that some entity, he clutched to this guy not want go away. My advice, is I know is thrilling, ego boosting and stuff, but STAY AWAY OF THESE THINGS. WILL BRING NO BENEFIT TO YOU.
I concur with this assessment. If you ask, they will come. I have been in contact with spirit entities from my earliest memories. I am very comfortable in the astral / spirit realm, but it is a dangerous place. If you do gain contact with some etherial being know they can lie as easily as any person you know and maybe even better. Oh, stay away from the Ouiji board.

I recommend learning sound meditation techniques, and not ones that teach you how to become nothing. You cannot become nothing, but you can open yourself so much that you allow another into you. There are mental asylums filled with people who allowed themselves to be used and their body did criminal acts and they went insane. I have worked with these people, and it is a sad thing to behold. Yes, I am being negative here because you admit to being a newbie. This is a dangerous area to pursue without very firm spiritual ground under your feet.

I wish you well.

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