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Default Re: FOX NEWS Judge Napolitano's 'FREEDOM WATCH' with Ron Paul, Peter Schiff & Guests

Blessings The Observer,

PBS and NPR have been under corporate control for quite some time.

PBS's Private Parts

Bit by bit, for-profit media companies are buying into public broadcasting

by James Ledbetter

from Extra! media magazine, May / June 1998

Inspired by the deregulatory environment promoted by both the Clinton administration and Congressional Republicans, the American communications industry went through a delirious orgy of mergers and acquisitions during the mid-l990s. In a single month in 1995, three multibillion-dollar media mergers were announced: Westinghouse and CBS joined forces, creating a massive network of television and radio stations; Disney acquired Capital Cities/ABC, becoming the world's largest media company; and Time Warner announced that it would acquire Turner Broadcasting, an unprecedented marriage of cable giants. The January 1996 passage of a sweeping telecommunications "reform" bill removed -among other things-limits on how many radio stations an individual company could own, effectively putting a "For Sale" sign on every small radio station in the country; a flurry of radio station sales ensued.


11/30/2009 Judge Napolitano "Freedom Watch" #60
Guests: Steve Bierfeldt, Peter Schiff, Lew Rockwel


12/1/2009 (ERROR on the WEBSITE: SAYS 11/1/2009) Judge Napolitano "Freedom Watch" #61
Guests: Robert Higgs, Jaynee Germond, Mike McPadden, Jacob Hornberger


12/2/2009 Judge Napolitano "Freedom Watch" #62
Guests: Gerald Celente, David Boaz

Gerald Celente: "THERE IS NO RECOVERY!"

Below is the latest Freedom Watch, with appearances from Gerald Celente with economic and political trends looking forward, and David Boaz, discussing Obama’s foreign policy.


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