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Default Re: So.. Whats Next??

Originally Posted by Stardustaquarion View Post
Greetings, Swanny...I was there too, thinking that I have reached a plateau and knew there was more to it but was directionless...then I asked for the thruth inside myself and somehow I was directed to Keylonic Sciences.
That sort of stuff fascinates me absolutely! New Sciences are so important! But again, what nexts?

Originally Posted by Stardustaquarion View Post

Our mission now is to hold on (it is a bit more complicated than that) to give opportunity to all life that wants to leave by holding frequencies so to speak

I guess you can start by reading the realeases they did at under summary 1 and 2 (scroll down the page sort of midway)
Reading releases...
The story you say attracts my attention greatly. I keep on telling people how we're truly in a "star wars" time in history.. if i am led to believe what i may read, to be true.

Originally Posted by Stardustaquarion View Post

Again it is not everyone cup of tea, but indigos and human angelics feel atracted to it

Apparently there is going to be a book released by mid 2010
So if there is a team aspect that i sense of this, how is a plausible way to be "efficient" at things? I only want to do some good! (what a funny smiley!) And do you happen to have a title? I really enjoy reading.

Love and Be Loved?


Originally Posted by joe2288 View Post
Your main purpose is to

experience and learn. This is just one lifetime of many lifetimes and i mean

many you've probably experienced. What you eventually will achieve and I

do mean eventually because you have all the time you need is higher levels


So i should not try and work my way towards things of learning to go for? I constantly am thinking about traveling/volunteer again in a distant land only to find a possible person to shadow. I guess you could say i just dont enjoy to sit around reading goodies all the time.


Originally Posted by Frank Samuel View Post
My advice is be patient especially with the people that surround you. Keep a notebook and write down your realizations , questions and goals. The quiet time you spend meditating is important for the answers you are seeking are within you , specifically within your resonator the heart. I welcome you to the highway of project avalon as we are all traveling together .
Thank you so much! I actually have begun the habit of having the paper and pen in the breast pocket. I am curious if there is a possible direction to point your activities to.. reassure yourself?
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