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Default Re: Anyone in Southern California?

I'm in Glendale but am getting ready to leave California next month, hoping to find a peaceful place off the grid, in the mountains living a self-sustained lifestyle utilizing alternative forms of energy for power, tapping a well for water, storing food and other emergency supplies.

If you're thinking along the same lines and would like to share expenses towards creating a place for people of like mind to live off the land in harmony with nature growing vegetable gardens, raising chickens, goats and a couple of old Bess cows for the milk drinkers let's talk. My portion of the investment would only be enough for a down payment on rental property, but I have tons of energy as well as experience in home building, remodeling, gardening and bring tons of great ideas to the table.

Locations worthy of consideration are in the mountains somewhere in the four corners area of SW Colorado/NW New Mexico or the Pacific NW area in Oregon, WA, Idaho areas. Anyone who's interested in building on this idea go ahead and PM me so we can get some dialogue going to see if it's a some we would like to further pursue.

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