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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Well all good things come to an end I guess... One interesting thing about misunderstandings is that they bring on the surface preconceptions and assumptions that need very little to ignite.

Isn't it ironic and funny that people who talk only about oneness, love and understanding are usually the most difficult to get along with each other.

It happens ALL the time in 'spiritual' circles. In the words of a person whom I value a lot 'Getting along with so called 'spiritual' people is often much more difficult than with the 'sheep' people' lol .

I really don't like that Bill has officially befriended two of my favourite people to listen/read (first Cliff High and now Astralwalker) .. but it comes with the territory. You just can't be a well known person (in whatever circles) and still behave completely honestly (with your human flaws) without provoking conflict. The alternative is to adopt the system of politicians... i.e lie

But hey .. Bill admitted he made a mistake with Cliff and now an answer is in order with Astralwalker (I think he deserves at least as much after bringing so much energy to the form)... I think it falls within the Moderators to communicate this to Bill and get a feedback... which I am sure will be that he had nothing to do with it

Can we please grow up and actually try projecting through our deeds openess, oneness, cooperation and understanding instead of just meditating upon it and flying of to lala land where all is fine and happy and thousand elves, dwarfs and faeries dance together in circles?

We are right now on planet earth in the most challenging circumstances and if people like this (who are seen as being on the forefront of human understanding) can't get along on VERY SIMPLE issues... HA!... I'll rather take my chances with the NWO..
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