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Default Re: Iceland is under attack

Originally Posted by Phoenix View Post
Why is it when someone posts some mis-informed info or a youtube video that people accept it as the truth?
Iceland is not under attack.
Phoenix - It has been under attack. The British government invoked a 2001 antiterrorism act to freeze an Icelandic bank's assets in Britain. In 2008 -

"We're still on the list in the wonderful company of al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Sudan, North Korea, Iran and a number of other entities where we do not belong," Iceland's Prime Minister, Geir Haarde, said in an interview with TIME.

I remember seeing photos of Icelandic families with placards that said we're not terrorists. It's getting pretty convenient to apply that label, to the full effect of many serious laws, which is bizarre.

I agree with Nordurland. Don't pay the IMF, UK whomever criminals a penny. Good luck, Nordurland!
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