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Default AreThey Getting Ready for Roundups?

Foundthis on my travels...thought I'd share...not sure this would happen in UK! ...

Surely they cannot believe we are this stupid.... duuuuuurh...

oh whats that paint doing on my mailbox!!

cant see it myself...we'll see... if anyone has those colours on their mailbox...let us know...

AreThey Getting Ready for Roundups?

A heads up... They are marking mailboxes with either red/yellow or blue circles....

If you see a mark on your mailbox or driveway paint it yellow!

They are getting ready for an international police state....

Red means you are to be dragged out into your yard and killed...

Blue means you are to be taken to a FEMA camp...and eventually killed...

Yellow means you're not "a problem"

Keep an eye out folks!

Color coded Markers on Mailboxes

Jack McLamb on the Mailbox Markers

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