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Default Re: Anyone in Southern California?

So this is where y'all been hiding...

Hello from Riverside.

Martian Tigress;
I think that there are more people who are awake and aware around here than it seems at first, and that they are merely hesitant/nervous/fearful to express what they know.
Just for a sec... give think. Consider the number of souls who "picked" now to be here. There is probably going to be a whole separate panic when some of those have the understanding drift through to their consciousness. A good mental parallel picture could be drawn, say 1 in 100 souls suddenly looking skyward one a night long ago in some fabled Atlantis.

I'd say, following the assumption "every soul knows the truth", that most folk in SoCal really do know more than they let on, or admit. Even (especially) to themselves... more like disconnect, than clueless.
An observation from reading the thread;
Curious how many folk responded that live along the 15 fwy, isn't it? ? Though theres quite a few in OC as well. might be condition affecting perception.

Whatever this "opportunity" thats headed our way, sure seem close, once again. I have to confess that my timing on seeing such things absolutely sucks.

My first wife (and now best friend) and I first left town in 1973. We'd drive through Long Beach where we lived then, and in trying to recall buildings we'd just driven past, the mental pictures were all of empty, barely standing shells. It felt like the remnants of a nuclear blast. It also felt strong enough that we moved to Colorado for the next 2 1/2 years. Like I said, so much for our timing, huh?

One thats popped in my head of late, a bright flash coming from the LA/LB harbor. Something there seems almost no govt preparation for, or prevention of, is a "ground blast" nuke in a container, sitting in the harbor. The chaos from something like this would be huge. It seems early for something like this, though. If "Oct. 10th" is a set date for attacking Iran, then it will surely plant the seeds for something like it though.

SoCal has some very weak spots. The first reaction to this kind of attack is going to be 12 million people all trying to "get outa Dodge" soonest. If you think the govt is going to let 2-5 million irradiated cars, just drive off in all directions, then you're nuttier than I suspect I am. SoCal could probably be bottled up by the military in as little as 3 hours. Remeber there are only about 5 major ways out of this berg, by road.

To that end, most of my family here is along a line leading from Riverside, out to Banning, and we've begun talking about all this again, the last few months.

Another voice;
From a "preppers forum" I've frequented for years now, I followed a thread posted by someone who rarely says such things.. who even apologized in advance if his post cause unwarranted concern, yet did it. NOT his style, at all. But again it centered around the period Oct. 7-15. Particulars he couldn't give, but had the impression it involved the coastal states, and surrounds (seems a lot of ground).

TB2K, as forums go is a more varied audience than this one. "Preppers" include all manner of types, from militia, to desert rats, ex-military to newage nymphs. He took a bit of heat for his post, but nonetheless, a month's supplies was his thought.

He said latitude 33.33 seemed involved. Well, I opened up Google Earth and this is roughly the latitude of Phoenix. followed due west it strikes the very northern corner of Salton Sea. This, when google is searched winds up being where many place the "start" of the San Andreas fault. As someone who lives a scant 8 miles from where it crosses the 15 fwy this sorta made me go, "Hmmmmmm".

I'm new here. I'm not trying to make pronouncements, or predictions, to get a gold star, or anything silly as that. Some of this is just me "shotgunning" a lot of stuff that, even in SoCal, you rarely come up with in regular conversations. Unless, of course, you want to thin out your list of friends.

Ok, last one before they come by with dinner, here at the home...
a question:
Time for this one would be around 1980. One of those damned dreams you just know wasn't a dream. In it I woke up on a table, on my back with maybe four of them around me, working. Couldn't tell you much about what they looked like as the room was so bright. One of them looked up and said, "Go back to sleep. You're being re-wired." like it was an upgrade of some sort. Wish I could tell you there was some great new me that awakened, but there wasn't. In fact, with all the rest that was going by at the time, it actually seemed very normal.

Any one else recall something similar?

So, other than one or two comments here and there. my first post. (hardly hurt at all)

"An idea is something you have. An ideology is something that has you. Morris Berman

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