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Default Re: Manchurian microchips phone you know who your computer is talking to?

nice one donny.....thats it

i got 1.0.285 and i guess .301 wont be that much difference. as long as its b4 microsofts buyout. if anyone wants the version i have, pm me with an email addy and ill send it thru...

dont worry about registering the prog, it no longer has a site to download from but all u want it for is to innoculate ur pc. use a freeware spy/virus killer like avg 7 free and zonealarm firewall free. uninstall and delete the norton and mcafee pay thru the nose for holes in ur security programs. the free programs always beat the expensive progs. think of the expensive av and firewall programs as being talked into buying a large 4x4 for protection but realising u cant get thru the traffic and theres no fuel to run it and the free stuff as a nimble scooter darting thru the queues and doesnt cost 1/100th of the fuel to run.

rubbish analogy i know but couldnt think of anything else on the fly!

peace and love KE

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